As promised last week, this post is an update on Invictus Institute’s recent expansion in Bangladesh. Note: while we are also moving forward in India, founder Kasey Beck mentioned that it “might be a little early to talk about” the efforts there, as they are moving at a slower pace.

In Bangladesh. however, Invictus Institute’s growth has made some noteworthy milestones. At around the same time as our opening in Ghana, Invictus Institute was simultaneously working with Agami, one of its partner organizations. Agami is a nonprofit dedicated to the nation of Bangladesh. Their mission:  “effecting lasting socio-economic change in Bangladesh,” through “quality basic education for underprivileged children.” Utilizing their local networks, Agami was able to connect Invictus Institute with the Ganauddog Girls’ High School & College, where tutoring sessions are now underway.

Kasey named two figures in Ganauddog who deserve special recognition – Muhammad Anisur Rahman, Ganauddog’s Computer Teacher, and Dr. Badiul Majumdar, the school’s founder. Kasey accredits their support as vital to Invictus Institute’s access to Ganauddog.

A few unique features of the tutoring sessions in Ganauddog concern the tutor himself. For one thing, he is Invictus Institute’s first-ever high school tutor (and because of his minor status his name will not be published). He is also of Bengali descent, offering a unique advantage to the students he works with. According to Kasey, he “teaches the lessons in English and his parents help with any needed translation,” something the students are sure to appreciate.

In other Bangladesh-related news, Invictus Institute has established a second class period for the Adorsho School, our first Bangladeshi site, enabling us to instruct more pupils.

As we continue fostering relationships with education and nonprofit professionals, and prove our value to the nation’s children, the future will remain bright in Bangladesh and beyond.