It’s been a great year, but sadly, it’s time for me to sign off as Invictus Institute’s blogger. With the new year come new opportunities and commitments, some of which should (hopefully) aid me in my search for full-time employment after I graduate. In 3.5 months. Yikes.

Before I leave I simply wanted to say thank you. Thank you to Invictus Institute for offering such a flexible, interesting volunteer opportunity. I had never blogged before Invictus Institute, so this has been a valuable learning experience.

Also, thank you to the readers for perusing my articles and thereby strengthening Invictus Institute’s online presence. As such a digitally-centered nonprofit, it’s important that we distinguish ourselves from similarly-named websites and organizations. Our readers are imperative in making those efforts.

So goodbye, and good luck to Invictus Institute in making high-quality education a reality throughout the world.

And thank you again.