Hello world! I’ve been meaning to start this blog for awhile now. I’m excited to get Invictus Institute up and going, there is a lot of good we can do.

A short introduction about me- I’m Kasey Beck, founder of Invictus Institute. IVI started in my head almost 7 years ago when I went to volunteer in Uganda. That experience had a profound effect on me. I made a lot of goals–one of them to start a non-profit so that I could contribute to helping the world be a better place. Here are a few of my blog posts from that experience:


I came home from Uganda wanting to make a difference. In 2010, my friend in Uganda, Hamis Mugendawala, and I came up with a few ideas of how we can help the situation in Uganda. We started arranging for a college student here in the U.S. to tutor a primary school student over Skype. It has slowly been growing so we are able to tutor more students. We started calling this program Tech Tutors. It’s not going to be the only program we do but it’s been a good one to start with as it has made a difference in the lives of the Ugandan students.

I know it sounds cliche, but very simply, I just want IVI to contribute making the world a better place, even if it’s just in a small way. I have some big dreams for IVI. I’m not exactly sure what it will morph into. But I am very dedicated to this organization and very excited to see how this plays out.