As mentioned in my previous blog post, last week marked the beginning of Invictus Institute’s tutoring sessions in the nation of Ghana. The timing of this new beginning is rather fitting given Ghana’s upcoming celebration this weekend of a momentous new beginning in their history: 60 years of independence!

Invictus Institute’s first tutoring session was a small affair, with two students from a school from Adventist Preparatory & JSS School located in Winneba being instructed by volunteers from Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. By next week, that number will rise to twelve. “We have big plans to grow in Ghana,” founder Kasey Beck explains, “at other schools and community centers.”

Two parties deserve credit for this and future endeavors in Ghana. This first is Mustapha Salifu, a local Ghanan college student who Kasey praises as “crucial in getting this set up and running smoothly.” The second is EVCO [Every Village Community Organization] Africa, a nonprofit organization that “seeks to eradicate poverty by fostering community involvement and development through projects focused on computer literacy and sustainable farming.” Invictus Institute will partner alongside EVCO Africa as they spread across Ghana. Carrying on the theme of new beginnings, it is likely to be a rewarding partnership; “They are great to work with,” Kasey applauds.

Many of the students we are tutoring will commemorate Ghana’s 60th anniversary of independence through a collection of marching competitions. As Invictus Institute instructs them in English, science, and math, the distant hope is that one day, these pupils will celebrate their freedom from poverty, commemorating the occasion once again with marching, only this time in a graduation setting.