invictus institute kenya tutoring program

Today, I’m finally giving our readers a break from the dry academic material I’ve been posting for several weeks. Instead, I’m happy to announce that as of late October 2017, Invictus Institute’s roster of countries now includes the east-African nation of Kenya!

About a month ago, Invictus Institute began tutoring 21 young students from Kisumu County’s Phildan Memorial Education Center, a nonprofit educational institution. Located in western Kenya, Kisumu County (shaded in red in the map) straddles part of the Lake Victoria shoreline within Kenya’s borders. Phildan Memorial Education Center rests “in a very remote part of the country,” according to Kasey.

Sadly, rural areas of Kenya and African nations in general tend to fare below their urban counterparts. This trend holds true in numerous aspects of life, including healthcarepoverty, and education. Still, Invictus Institute’s volunteers should not be discouraged by the state of things and try to see this as an opportunity. Kasey certainly adopts that approach: “there’s a need to specifically help these kids and for us to prove our model in more rural areas.”

Students in Kenya

This latest partnership began in early September 2017 through liaisons with Dolla Mika, Phildan’s headmaster. Ultimately, things started in earnest thanks to the generous contributions of a donor who wished to remain anonymous.

While no particular curricular focus exists for the students at Phildan, one advantage here is the fact that English is Kenya’s official language. This eliminates the communications barrier inhibiting Invictus Institute’s tutoring sessions in other nations where English is not commonly spoken such as India and Bangladesh.

If all goes well, these initial 21 students should be just the first of many. Kasey Beck projects that “Our goal is to be tutoring all 137 of the students consistently at this school…within 6 months.” And hopefully, once Invictus Institute has a proven track record in Phildan Memorial Education Center, we can expand to other nations throughout Kenya, both rural and urban.