patience,Patience is one of our best success stories. She joined our program towards the end of her primary school. She is now in her final year of her lower secondary. Patience is tutored by Emily K., one of our most talented tutors. Patience has been tutored in English, Maths, Geography, Biology, Physics, Commerce, and Literature. She is also being helped to write music and she has a few songs that she has done. Patience reports that she has greatly improved her performance due to the tutorial program. Prior to the program, Patience would hardly construct a correct English sentence and she was struggling in Maths, said her former teacher. She was also shy but now she is confident to talk with people, says her mother. A lot has happened to Patience on joining the program. Foremost, Patience passed in division one (Distinction) in her primary to join secondary. Although she has never gotten any of her end of term report since joining secondary school due to school fees problems, her teachers have indicated that she has always had very good marks. I saw some of the marked scripts and she remains in the top 10%. Asked to comment on the tutorial program, Patience smiles and later says “It has helped me to improve on my studies and has also helped me learn new words”. “I like learning English and also being updated of what happens in the USA”. On what else she would want to gain out of the program, she says “I want to visit my tutor or her to visit me”. Asked to comment on some of the weaknesses of the program, Patience hesitates and then says “we experience a problem of internet network”. Patience praises her tutor so much and she says Emily is one of her greatest mentors. I personally believe that Patience will turn into a great inspirational leader.

Ugandan Student BeckyBeckie, as she is commonly known, is a very talented young girl in primary four (P4). She joined IVI tutorial program when she was in pre-school and at the time she was learning to speak. She has an amazing and very patient tutor Andy C. whom she believes is her second dad. She is being tutored in Math, English and Science. She says that the program has helped her learn to speak English and improve in her regular classwork. She hints that she has learned new words and learned how to correctly pronounce the words from a native speaker, which she thinks is a rare opportunity. From the program, she loves mostly the methods used and the jokes that her tutor makes during the tutorial. Looking at Beckie’s reports for the last 3 years leaves one wondering of the talent this girl has. Beckie has always been no.1 all the way. Whereas she is average in Maths, she has never gotten below 90% in English. She says she doesn’t want Andy to stop teaching her because he is like her second dad.