Project Description

My name is Ayana Mustapha Salifu, a Ghana Scholarship Fund Inc. (GSF) recipient. I graduated from the University of Education Winneba and serving as the Current World Possible chapter leader in Ghana.

My journey of soul searching, landed me on Invictus Institute (IVI) website three years ago back in at the University while exploring the Internet for opportunities to inspire and cultivate life-long learning habits among school children in Ghana. I constantly reached out to Kasey Beck and visited many schools to share the idea with school principals. Most of the schools had no computers nor the Internet.

Good news! Kasey sent me an LG tablet for a pilot test, which began from The Adventist Preparatory School, in Winneba. The school headmistress committed to paying for the mobile data Internet while I volunteered my time, Cell phone, laptop, and two MacBook from the GSF to support.

I returned back to my village with a mission: inspiring and cultivating a life-long learning habit among school children over the internet. Today, over seventy (70) children are being tutored and mentored from two communities, Senchi-Ferry and the Zongo, the very deprived community, where I hail. I couldn’t do without supports from the GSF and the IVI. My life is so fulfilled with gratitude from parents, children and tutors who are involved in sowing such a life-altering seed in lives of children, who if not for the inspiration and joy they feel from their tutors, who later become best of friends, would have lost interest and drop out of the boring school system. I love working with IVI because we are transforming lives for the better across the globe with the most current powerful tools; Education and Technology.

Please join the movement and let us make our world an enlightened and liberated place for generations and generations to come. Be a proud grandparent for tomorrow! Together, We Can Best!

With Gratitude,
Ayana Mustapha Salifu