Project Description

I am Churchill Butalia from Noah’s Ark Academy, MARAGOLI- KENYA. I work as the school administrator coordinating all the activities as pertains to school operation.

We joined Invictus Institute in February 2019 and we find it so enriching interacting with International tutors and people from different backgrounds and cultures. Which boosts children’s understanding, knowledge, exposure and enhancement of especially English language skills.

I spend almost all my time reading, writing, planning and organizing events, researching, conducting programs and project implementation activities. I also work all round making friends that could be more relevant to my work and generally looking for ways on how to improve my children’s lives and those of the other target groups living standards in my community.

I have really found great comfort and encouragement in this team, that we are able to share ideas, knowledge, issues and together solving problems affecting Noah’s Ark Academy as one good family and I am so grateful.