Project Description

My name is Mika. All my life I have lived and worked in Kenya. On the 7th of November, I will be 66 years old.

I do love teaching, having trained as a teacher after school. The Ministry of Education appointed and deployed me to teach in various primary schools for 34 years until I retired in 2008. With like-minded community members, we founded Phildan in 2014 to help in the education of children in our community, most of whom were orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. Several levies imposed by the government made it difficult for vulnerable children to attend schools so our AIM was to assist the community children to realize their dreams.

After running the school for a little over two years, we were stuck! We were unable to cope up with the increased number of students which had risen to 131. The physical facilities, the meals, sanitation, and the teaching staff were all inadequate!

Then came the Invictus Institute. Starting with a few computers for online tutoring in English, Science, and Mathematics in November 2017, we can now boast of several improvements. Apart from the exposure that the visits of a few volunteers here have given the students,we now have 8 toilets,3 permanent classrooms,desks,a lunch program, iPads, a fenced compound with a gate,a solar-powered well providing clean water,several textbooks,sports equipment,funding of secondary education for 3 students,to mention but a few,all donated by the MIGHTY INVICTUS, as the Institute has become known here.

Currently, Invictus is assisting our school register with the ministry of education by funding improvements to the school’s physical facilities to the tune of $3970. As you can very well see, education for the now 157 students is assured, and our community will never be the same again!