Project Description

My name is Nantumbwe kasifa. I am the founder and headmistress of Bright Future Infant and Primary
School in Uganda. It is located on the outskirts of Mukono town. Most of the students in this school are
needy. But anyway we are one of the beneficiaries of the Invictus Online Tutoring Program. I first met Kasey Beck in 2007 when he visited our school with other volunteers. In one of the subsequent years, l found a post on the Facebook about Invictus Institute. This inspired me to pick a pen and wrote to him requesting for funding. He responded positively and introduced me to another board member Mr. Hamisi Mugendawala who later delivered to us a laptop and tablets, to begin with. They later provided funds for the router and data and so we joined the program in 2015.

However, none of the staff members could operate these devices .l then went to the internet café and learned how to connect them to the Wi-Fi and operate them.

Much as Kasey tried to explain to me how the online tutoring program could be conducted, what I
had in mind was that the students were to study by watching videos on a certain website. One fascinating event I will never forget was the first time I had a Skype video chat with Kasey. I was
mind blown when I realized that I was in a live chat with Kasey but not a recorded video. I felt a little bit apprehensive though I was exceedingly happy.

Ever since we joined this program, a lot has been achieved such as improvement in the Academic
performance, students’ attendance, English language fluency, self-confidence to mention but a few.

We are proud of Invictus Institute.