If you have questions about volunteering please email us at: Volunteer@invictusinstitute.org

Please also reach out if you would like to hear about other volunteer opportunities including helping us with fundraising, research, social media, etc.

tutoring volunteer karolina


“The concept of remote tutoring is very convenient and allows volunteers to teach from the comfort of their homes. It is an extremely rewarding experience that makes you feel like you really are making a difference. It is also a great opportunity to learn about other cultures.”

tutoring volunteer Lakshmi


“As a stay at home mom I was looking for a service opportunity that’s not too much of a time-commitment. I love meeting with my students each week and seeing them improve.”

tutoring volunteer sid


“Tutoring with Invictus Institute is flexible to my demanding medical school schedule. It’s such a pleasure meeting with my students, Lola and Moses, each week. I’m grateful for an organization that provides a flexible but still meaningful service opportunity.”

Why Volunteer?

The volunteering experience is very rewarding both personally and professionally. Many of our volunteers are able to use their experience and time spent with Invictus on their resume and interview trail. While the majority of volunteers have pursued higher education and advanced degrees in areas such as dentistry, medicine, law, and business, anyone can volunteer! The real reward of volunteering, however, comes from the experiences obtained. Invictus gives its volunteers the unique opportunity to foster long lasting and impactful relationships with students across the globe. We have a model that can change communities and nations. There is a need for every young person to acquire personalized assistance from those interested in their progress. We have thousands and thousands of potential volunteers who can benefit others but also themselves as they become global citizens.

Tutoring Opportunities

We’ve been mentoring and tutoring kids since 2012, and it’s our belief that one of the most effective ways to improve the world is to empower individuals who then benefit the community around them. We arrange consistent tutoring of individuals to inspire them and help them reach their potential. Our volunteers digitally meet weekly with students (via Skype) and help them grow educationally by helping them with their schoolwork so the student internalizes what they are learning in school. While this is the core of the weekly sessions, the outcomes are improved English communication skills, better understanding of the value of education, and inspiration to work harder.